Embroidery Writing, Optional Extras And Gift Vouchers

Enhance the uniqueness of your cherished keepsake by selecting an optional extra to customise it further. Opt to include a personalised quote, a cherished photograph, or even incorporate ashes into your order for a truly meaningful touch.

You can add any of the following Additional Extras to your order

Mini Clothing - Made like your clothes

Dressing gown £10

Skirt £7

Waistcoat £10

Jumper/cardigan £10

Tie £3

Scarf £3

Hoodie £10

Dress £10

Tutu £7

Coat £15

T-Shirt £7

Trousers £10

Shorts £7

Flat Cap £7

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be purchased anytime.

Simply send a message.

You can have the Gift Card made out for an amount (£10 +) or for a product.

Free Postage.

The recipient has 12 months from date of purchase to use it and they don’t need to wait to book in, they simply contact me and i can arrange a suitable month, Months already fully booked can not be chosen.